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Flight paths over Urmston
Topic posted by Aardvark ... dated:25 July 2017

Over the last twelve months, the number of aeroplanes flying directly over Urmston seems to have increased significantly. I'm not talking about the ones at 30,000 feet that are barely more than a glint of silver and a vapour trail. I mean the ones that are much lower and appear to have just taken off from Ringway. They're high enough to have stowed their landing gear but low enough that I can easily tell whose planes they are. And they're loud enough to be heard from inside our house.

Is it just a reflection of the growth in traffic at Ringway, or has a new flight path been created?

Re: Flight paths over Urmston
Reply posted by Rozzer ... dated:28 July 2017
Some 20 years ago, Manchester Airport asked for reports of aircraft taking off and flying over our area to report it. The reason being, they were taking a short cut and should not take that flight path.
Re: Flight paths over Urmston
Reply posted by OldGus ... dated:27 July 2017

It may also be more apparent when aircraft travelling west take off in a northerly direction as the normal flight path brings them over Urmston

Re: Flight paths over Urmston
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:26 July 2017

I think that it is more noticable in the summer when days are longer, the sky less cloudy and we have our windows open more. I also suspect there are more flights in summer than winter.

Re: Flight paths over Urmston
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:25 July 2017
Have a look at FlightRadar24 for details of airline, destination and lots of other details. You'll be able to see what are the common routes.

Re: Flight paths over Urmston
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:25 July 2017
There's always been an air corridor over Urmston, and many flights taking off from Manchester take off towards Knutsford, then turn right and loop back towards Manchester on their way towards European destinations, passing directly over Carrington and Urmston. Could be you're just noticing it more, or a few more flights are being routed that way by European air traffic control, but flights have come over Urmston for years. 
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