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Bus Service Cuts
Topic posted by Atlantean ... dated:15 January 2017

Several subsidised bus services are proposed to be cut in the next few months if Councillors on the Transport for Greater Manchester Bus Services Committee decide to proceed with them on their meeting of 20th January 

(All routes presently run hourly Mon-Sat Daytime)

268 – Urmston/Davyhulme to Sale and Wythenshawe

From 30th January: The Urmston to Stretford section will be withdrawn (the remaining route will run to Manchester instead).  The result of this will mean no direct link from Barton Road (Stretford) and Lostock Road to Urmston.  Route used by school children in the area to go to Ashton-on-Mersey School and Sale Grammar School.

277 - Kingsway Park to Urmston, Stretford & Gorse Hill

From 23rd April: Reduced to run between 09:00 and 15:00 only.

278 – Trafford Gen., Flixton, Church Road, Urmston and Winchester Road to Stretford

From 23rd April: Withdrawn. Bus 276 continues, but the withdrawal means only an hourly service on Church Road and Winchester Road (currently routes 276 & 278 combine to provide 2 buses an hour)

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:24 April 2017

The 278 bus has now been withdrawn, meaning Church Road and Winchester Road only have an hourly service run by bus 276. The good news is that a Sunday timetable has been introduced on bus 276 serving Church Road and Winchester Road - these roads haven't had a Sunday service for well over a decade. 

Sunday service on 276:

Departs Trafford General 09:31, hourly until 16:31 (except no service at 13:31), arrives Urmston 9 minutes later and Stretford Mall at 54 minutes past.

Departs Stretford Mall 10:05, hourly until 17:05 (except no service at 13:05), arrives Urmston 18 minutes past and at Trafford General at half past.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:25 January 2017

New 268 timetable uploaded. From Stretford it will run up Talbot Road, Seymour Grove, Ayres Road, Chorlton Road, Ayres Road & Princess Road towards Manchester, and out via Deansgate and Chorlton Road.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:16 January 2017

The report can be downloaded from the GMCA website , just click on 6. Forthcoming Changes to Bus Network. The changes are listed on page 24 onwards. There are a lot of changes to Altrincham services, where the supported network has been significantly altered.

More general changes are here.

The loss of the 268 means we lose the link from Urmston to Wythenshawe Hospital. The loss will affect nearly 300 passengers per week. The new route for the 268 isn't clear but it will replace the withdrawn 84, so my guess is (from Stretford) Kings Road, Seymour Grove and Chester Road into Manchester.

I agree, an hourly 253 would be an improvement. Perhaps, if the Bus Services Bill currently going through Parliament is pased, and the new Greater Manchester Mayor uses powers in the Bill to end the current deregulated system and franchise the bus network (similar to the London model), it might be a possibility in a few years time?

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Chrism ... dated:15 January 2017

I agree about the 253 on Church Road. I have to use the 255 and walk through, that service is half-hourly but the 256 is every ten minutes whch doesn't make sense to me.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:15 January 2017

Thanks for the tip. Is this on t'Interweb somewhere? I'm just wondering what else might be for the chop, beyond our particular part of the world. And I'ld like to know how the 268 might reach Manchester.

Getting back to Urmston: it really is high time that they brought back the 253 and gave Church Road a direct service to Manchester again. Even an hourly service would help (it was half-hourly until the off-peak services were withdrawn).

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