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Blocked path - Urmston Meadows
Topic posted by Concerned ... dated:26 July 2003
A walkway popular with walkers has been obstructed in 3 places. If you are concerned, please contact Mersey valley and your councillor to resolve this situation and reopen the walkway for the benefit of all.
Re: Blocked path - Urmston Meadows
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:12 July 2017
It's been mentioned on the Urmston M41ers Facebook group, but does anyone know why one of the paths in Urmston Meadows has been excavated and blocked?  If you head down Queens Road then go past the scout hut, take a left over the green metal bridge.  The boulder that was placed on the bridge to stop vehicles accessing the banks of the Mersey has been moved - lifted and turned, splitting in the process - so the bridge is now harder to cross if you're on foot than before.  Then, once over the bridge, you could take a left and follow a path which brought you out near the bottom of the stables on Meadow Road, then continue to the green National Cycle Route bridge over the Mersey.  This path has been dug out by a JCB-type machine and is now impassible, and the river bank has been damaged as a result.  Just wondered if anyone knew who had done it and why.
Re: Blocked path - Urmston Meadows
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:21 August 2003
If you phone the number on the numerous information boards around the routes, and inform them, they'll have it sorted in a jiffy. Thats what I do, and they're out sharpish to make repairs.
Re: Blocked path - Urmston Meadows
Reply posted by Mr M.Liversedge ... dated:04 August 2003
According to TMBC website wardens are engaged in actively maintaining footpaths etc, though I didn't see much evidence myself. I think this issue needs raising on a broader level as has already been discussed on this forum. At the end of the day the public have rights to walk along public footpaths providing of course one can discern where the paths are in the first place! Maybe the Messenger would like to run a story on Urmston Meadows, its about time something was done with this local nature spot. Last time I was down there walking the dog, there was about three burnt out cars.
Re: Blocked path - Urmston Meadows
Reply posted by Concerned resident ... dated:28 July 2003
The 'permissive' path entrance is at the bottom of Southgate (first attempted blockage - hardcore) on the left, just before the bridge. Follow on above the Mersey, by the 'Gymkana' field and continue on, dodging the overgrowth (no accident). You will eventually arrive at a fence placed and secured across the path. If you manage to pass this you will find a large tree branch placed across the path another 100 metres on. Add to this overhanging branches and brambles and you will have encountered Urmston Meadows assault course.We think this is all related to a house built near the path by the farmer. Surely the farmer must have known this was a much used path when building the property. As a point of interest this embankment is a 'flood retaining bund', therefore you have to consult with the Environment Agency before any actions/changes are undertaken. As numerous residents have commented it is also of benefit to walk the higher pathway when the lower Health Walk path is waterlogged and rutted by horse hooves. From here you can view what remains of our rapidly shrinking countryside. (We spotted our first kingfisher perched on a traffic cone in the river!) If you are on the Health walk you can see steps leading to the path in a number of places (Mersey Valley).Please see for yourself and tell us what you think.
Re: Blocked path - Urmston Meadows
Reply posted by David E Unwin. ... dated:27 July 2003
Where is it?
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